Secondary School Destinations

Leavers Overview

Our children transfer to a variety of senior schools, predominantly within the London Boroughs of Croydon and Sutton but also within the wider Surrey and Kent counties.  

Offers & Awards

Our children obtain an impressive number of scholarships and awards each year, giving them an excellent range of secondary school offers to choose from.  They are awarded a range of bursaries, special awards and scholarships, including art, music and academic.

Secondary School Destinations

The standards of excellence achieved mean that many children regularly go on to local grammar schools and/or obtain offers from leading independent schools, including scholarships and other awards.

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Offers and Awards
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Our Curriculum


Reedham Park prides itself on offering an extremely broad and balanced curriculum, clearly focused on literacy and numeracy, which enables our children to achieve very high standards by the time they leave the school.  However, in addition to the traditional core subjects, our curriculum also includes subjects not usually taught or studied in such depth at primary level, including Latin and Classical Studies, Art History and the History of Music and its Appreciation. 


For a detailed breakdown of our curriculum, please click on the link below.


Form 1 Upper (Year 6) study Latin, both for its value in understanding the structure of language and in preparation for progression to the Independent Day Public Schools and Grammar Schools.


Latin is taught in association with Classical Studies, to provide an in-depth study of an ancient civilisation (Pompeii), in keeping with the National Curriculum for History, Key Stage 2.

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation lessons include the study of the instruments of the orchestra; the lives and works of significant composers and rudimentary music theory.  

Children are frequently given the opportunity to perform music on stage, in concerts, assemblies and productions, which is a key factor in building their confidence and self-esteem.  The school choir regularly performs with success at local festivals.

Art History

Art History is taught from Transition (Year 1) and includes an appreciation and knowledge of the work and styles of celebrated artists.  This culminates in a series of Art Lectures written and presented by Form 1 Upper (Year 6) in their final spring term.

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